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Meeting of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee of GECP

Management meeting with the Scientific Commission of GECP: learn about the main conclusions

On the 21st of January, a meeting was held in Coimbra between the Management and the Scientific Committee of the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP).

The meeting aimed to discuss three key points, namely the hot topics in lung cancer for 2023 in the various areas, the current difficulties in carrying out observational studies and how to overcome them and, finally, the publication of the guidelines CPNPC clinic in Portugal.

Dr. Ana Figueiredo, member of the Board of GECP, makes a positive assessment of the conclusions drawn, referring that “with each new annual meeting, work becomes more natural and fluid, as we get to know each other more and better”. For the pulmonologist, these meetings are very enriching and all have the same purpose, which is “to improve the survival and quality of life of our patients”.

The topics discussed at these annual meetings are subsequently reflected in the Spring and Autumn group meetings, and in the Congress, in which the committee also has an active role in the selection and classification of the submitted communications, as well as in the attribution of the best prizes. communication and Research Scholarship.

Meeting of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee of GECP
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