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Role of Image in Evaluating Indications and Response

Today we remember the theme “Role of Image in the Evaluation of Indications and Response”, discussed in Round Table 1: Local Disease Control, of the Spring Meeting of the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP), and which was presented by Dr. Eduarda Carneiro.

The specialist begins by summarizing the topics covered in the session, which consisted of “the role of imaging in brain metastases from lung cancer carcinoma, what are the indications for carrying out tests such as CT and MRI and the importance of these techniques imaging techniques in evaluating the response to treatments they have undergone in recent years”.

Dr.ª Eduarda Carneiro concludes by making a positive assessment of the role of radiotherapy in the follow-up of patients, “allowing for greater survival and lower prevalence of brain metastases”.

She knows the expert’s statements when watching the video.

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