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News in the treatment of patients with no vested genetic changes

The last round table of the Autumn Meeting, entitled “News in NSCLC with Actionable Genetic Changes”, was moderated by several experts, including Dr. Marta Soares.

By way of summary, the oncologist at IPO Porto states that in this session “new developments in the treatment of lung cancer with some types of rarer mutations for which there are still no approved therapies” were presented.

Highlight is the “clinical trials already with some conclusions, namely on Exão20 and RET, with very promising results”, she comments. Although in other changes the results are not yet desirable, Dr. Marta Soares believes that “with the clinical trials that are taking place, in the near future, we will probably have news that will make us smile and think that the treatment of these patients will also be as effective as the others”, he concludes.

See the full interview.

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