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“Cancer: When will it be cured?”

Yesterday, the Fronteiras XXI program (which results from a partnership between the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation and RTP) took place, dedicated to “Cancer: When will it be cured?”, which was attended by several specialists in the area, among which Dr. Júlio Oliveira, oncologist at the IPO in Porto and member of the Scientific Committee of the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP).

On the official website (https://fronteirasxxi. pt/cancro-para-Quando-a-cura/), you can not only review the program, but also find infographics with useful information and also an interview with Dr.ª Teresa Almodovar, pulmonologist at the Lisbon IPO and president of GECP, in which he answered “7 Questions about lung cancer”.

“Why is the diagnosis made at a late stage of this disease?” is one of the questions posed in this interview with a focus on prevention, new advances in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, among other important topics. Find out all the answers here: 7 Questions about Lung Cancer

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