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News in the treatment of patients with no vested genetic changes

Dr. Fernanda Estevinho closed the “Round Table: New developments in the treatment of patients without Actionable Genetic Changes”, at the Autumn Meeting, by presenting the theme “Subsequent lines”.

In this session, the oncologist at Pedro Hispano Hospital spoke about “second-line treatment in patients without actionable targets”, highlighting the evolution that has been observed over the years. “A few years ago, we didn’t know all the actionable molecular targets for which we now have drugs available,” she comments.

Regarding the future, the specialist states that “clinical trials bring hope with new therapeutic options and, whenever possible, we must refer patients to the best treatments that may, or may not, be clinical trials that are ongoing.”

Dr. Fernanda Estevinho ends the interview with a positive message, highlighting “the huge range of treatments available and others that will emerge in the short term”.

She knows the oncologist’s statements when she watches the video.

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