Lung Cancer Study Group

Happy Holidays

Dear colleagues and friends,
This long and destabilizing year is coming to an end, and of the many emotions that
I could say, the one I would like to retain is that of union.
Fortunately during the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, which affected all of life
of people at home and at work, our group managed to stay together despite
difficulties in personal contact and collaboration.
We remained firm in the aim of offering the best possible treatment to
our patients.
The restrictions imposed by the pandemic and the government prevented us from meeting
and having access to the usual scientific meetings, which were postponed or
transformed into virtual meetings. But we issue conduct guidelines and
we managed to put an active and dynamic website to work.
The coming year brings the possibility of a gradual end to this health crisis.
However, in the coming months, we cannot afford to focus
just “getting back to normal” in lung oncology: patients with cancer of the
lung count on us to investigate and work to change their lives for
I would still like to thank everyone who collaborated in our activities for this
year, with enthusiasm and dedication, most of the time at the expense of your leisure time.
I wish all of you and your families a Happy Holidays with health and safety and a
Happy and Healthy New Year.

Maria Teresa Almodovar

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