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21 years of GECP history

Looking back to 2021, the GECP marks the high point of this year as the organization of the 9th Portuguese Congress on Lung Cancer in face-to-face format, which does something that the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for us in 2020: celebrate both decades of existence of the GECP. Therefore, we took advantage of the 3 days of the event to record on video some words that several participants wanted to leave behind about the 21-year history of the GECP.

Today we share the final video result on our website and on our social networks, so that everyone can celebrate with us and enter 2022 with the certainty that we will continue to do our best to support cancer patients of the lung and their relatives/caregivers, and in the development of training and clinical research in the area of ​​thoracic tumors.

The GECP thanks all those involved for their kind words and for being part of this beautiful 21-year history (in order of entry of the testimonies): Dr. Fernando Barata, Dr.ª Bárbara Parente, Dr. Encarnação Teixeira, Dr. Ana Figueiredo, Dr. Catarina Travancinha, Prof. Fernando Schmitt, Dr. Ana Barroso, Dr. Paulo Costa, Dr. José Duro da Costa, Prof. Mariano Provencio, Dr. Marta Soares, Dr. Carina Gaspar, Dr. Cristina Rodrigues, Prof. You win lau Hespanhol, Dr. Fernanda Estevinho, Dr. Francisco Brandão, Dr. Teresa Almodovar, Dr. Ulisses Brito, Dr. Ana Ribeiro, Dr. Lurdes Barradas, Dr. Jorge Dionísio and Dr. Tiago Pereira.

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