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Today marks the European Day of Oncology Nursing!

On May 18, to mark the European Oncology Nursing Day, the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP) and the Portuguese Oncology Nursing Association (AEOP) launched a tribute campaign to all oncologist nurses.

To celebrate this date, we invited three nurses to explain to patients what they can expect on the first day of treatment, detailing some of the usual treatments for this disease, its mechanism of action, the main side effects and, finally, practical tips for minimize.

🎉 Congratulations to all Oncologist Nurses!
🎥 Watch the videos and hear the words that the Nurses left you: 

Enf.ª Sandra Ponte do Hospital São Francisco Xavier, CHLO  
O primeiro dia de tratamento
Enf.ª Susana Marques do Hospital de Dia, IPO Porto
Enf.ª Albertina Santos, Hospital da Luz, Lisboa
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