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World No Tobacco Day – TV Record Europa

Today we remember the presence of Dr. Carina Gaspar, pulmonologist and member of the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP), on the program Fala Portugal, on TV Record Europa, within the framework of World No Tobacco Day.

Dr.ª Carina Gaspar begins by commenting on the Government’s setbacks in relation to the proposed anti-tobacco law, referring that “scientific societies have come together to make the measures more ambitious”. On limiting the places where smoking is allowed, the specialist argues that “the impact can be very positive because one of the most important aspects is to protect the younger generations from all forms of tobacco”.

Smoking cessation appointments and nicotine replacement therapy were also topics addressed during the interview. “It is necessary to help people who want to quit smoking through consultations, but it is necessary to resume the work that was being done before the pandemic”, he explains. “On the other hand, there were also setbacks with regard to the reimbursement of drugs for smoking cessation with the discontinuation of the most used medication, and the currently existing alternative is extremely expensive and does not have any reimbursement”, he adds.

The pulmonologist also lists the various benefits of quitting smoking and leaves advice for those who want to do so. He ends the interview with a warning about starting to smoke at a very young age, mentioning that “the harm is greater because the organism is still developing and because the tendency is for these habits to remain, being cumulative over the years”.

Remember Dr. Carina Gaspar’s interview when watching the video.

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