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GECP Campaign for World Lung Cancer Day | August 1st

Campaign “Early detection to better treat” shows the importance of knowing the signs of lung cancer

As part of World Lung Cancer Day, which is celebrated on August 1, the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP) launches the campaign “Early detection for better treatment”, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of to know the symptoms of lung cancer and encourage early diagnosis.

Lung cancer, despite the advances achieved in recent decades, continues to be among the types of tumor with the highest mortality worldwide. With this campaign, GECP intends to transmit the message that knowledge of the symptoms of lung cancer is essential so that people are more aware of seeking medical advice as soon as these signs appear. By recognizing symptoms early, individuals can take quick and effective steps to get a proper diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible.

“We believe that information is a powerful tool in the fight against lung cancer. Through the campaign “Earlier detection, better treatment”, we hope to empower people to recognize the signs of the disease and seek medical help quickly. is done, the greater the probability of success in the treatment”, says Dr. Teresa Almodovar, President of the Board of GECP.

Symptoms such as persistent cough, with or without expectoration, tiredness, shortness of breath or chest pain are some of the signs that should motivate you to schedule an appointment. Paying attention to the symptoms that may suggest the presence of lung cancer is essential, as these signs are common to other respiratory diseases, making it important to discover their cause, with a view to an early diagnosis and timely treatment.

The main cause for the development of lung cancer remains tobacco. “Smoking is the biggest risk factor that exists, being responsible for about 85% of cases of lung cancer”, says the pulmonologist. “It is also important to point out that this type of tumor can also develop due to passive smoking or exposure to polluting elements, and may appear in non-smokers”, she adds.

Being informed in terms of prevention, symptomatology, risk factors and the importance of early diagnosis is essential to counteract the incidence of lung cancer. With the campaign “Early detection for better treatment”, GECP intends to contribute to helping stop this trend, promoting awareness and access to useful information that can save lives.

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