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Challenges in sourcing material in 2022, does size matter?

The Doctor. Daniel Coutinho, pulmonologist at C.H. from Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho, spoke about the challenges in the diagnosis of lung cancer when presenting the theme “Challenges in obtaining material in 2022, does size matter?”.

For the specialist, who was present on the second day of the 10th Congress of the GECP/1st Portuguese Congress on Lung Cancer, “there is no answer to the main question presented in the session”. He adds that “the guidelines are not exactly clear on the amount of material we should obtain, nor whether this material will be sufficient for the additional tests”.

Regarding the future, the pulmonologist considers that “the challenges will be many, not only due to the complexity in obtaining material, but also due to the appearance of new patients and the number of tests that may arise with new therapeutic markers”.

Watch the full interview and learn about the expert’s statements.

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