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SPP_SBPT press release on the UK campaign Swap to Stop Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the order of the day and the reasons are not the best.

On April 11, the British Minister of Health, Neil O’Brien, announced the “swap to stop” campaign, which consists of the free distribution of electronic cigarette kits to one million smokers in the country.

In turn, the Portuguese Society of Pneumology (SPP) and the Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Tisiology (SBPT) look at this measure with concern and consider that it does not follow the precautionary principle of public health, since there is abundant scientific documentation damage to health caused by these products.

Read the news from @atlasdasaude in full and get to know the positions of the pulmonologist and coordinator of the SBPT Scientific Commission on Tobacco, Dr. Paulo Corrêa, and the pulmonologist and coordinator of the SPP Smoking Commission, Prof.ª Sofia Ravara.

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