Lung Cancer Study Group

4 FEV – World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, GECP thanks health professionals in Oncology for their efforts during the pandemic On February 4, World Cancer Day is celebrated internacionally. On this date, the GECP praises the effort of health professionals working in ​​Oncology to…

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I have lung cancer. Should I be vaccinated against a COVID-19?

What is vaccination? Vaccination consists of stimulating the defenses of an individual’s body (immune system) through exposure to microorganisms, parts of microorganisms or their derivatives. This early exposure, before infection, allows the immune system to be stimulated and “taught” to…

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Don’t miss!

A new confinement begins tomorrow, in response to the worsening of the pandemic by COVID-19. But lung cancer is a serious disease that cannot wait. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can lead to decreased survival, which unfortunately has been seen…

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TERAVOLT reveal that patients with malignant thoracic tumors have a high risk of mortality from COVID 19

The Thoracic Cancers International COVID 19 Collaboration, also known as TERAVOLT, is an international consortium that was created to understand the impact of COVID-19 on patients with thoracic malignancies. Made up of medical experts from leading institutions around the world,…

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