Lung Cancer Study Group


Article 1 - General Considerations

1. The GECP has instituted a grant to encourage research concerning thoracic tumors.

2. This Grant can be used to carry out training internships or courses in the country or abroad, or to carry out research projects. 


Article 2 - Amount

1. The value of the Grant is € 5,000.00 (five thousand euros).

2. Only one grant can be awarded every year, and cannot be shared by several applications. 

3. The Jury may decide not to award the GECP Grant 


Article 3 - Scope of the Scholarship and Eligibility of Applications

1. All GECP members who have their contributions up to date can apply for the scholarship. 

2. In the case of projects prepared in co-authorship, only the co-author who leads the work has to be a member and have the contributions up to date.

3. The members of the jury, as well as members of the GECP Board, are prevented to apply for the Grant


Article 4 - Formalization of applications

1. Applications must be sent by midnight on 20th September this year, electronically, to the email address gecpulmao@gmail.com 

2. The application must be accompanied by:

a) the candidate's curriculum

b) the explanation of the objectives underlying the internship, course or project for which he is applying.

c) A declaration signed by all the applicants, in which the acceptance of the content of the present regulation is expressly declared, as well as a declaration of conflict of interests, particularly in relation to the pharmaceutical and tobacco industry.


Article 5 - Jury

1. The Jury is formed by two members of theExecutive Board and three members of the GECP Scientific Committee, appointed by the Board.

2. The Jury is autonomous in its deliberations, and the attribution of the GECP Grant will be made unanimously or by a simple majority and recorded.

3. The Jury's decisions are final and there is no appeal.

4. Applications will be analyzed and classified by the jury. In this classification, the following criteria will be considered, in decreasing order of value: 

a) Scientific interest; 

b) Expenses for the applicant, inherent to the completion of the project; 

c) Other criteria that may be relevant in the overall analysis of the application, decided by the jury.


Article 6 - Surrender of the Grant

The GECP Grant will be surrended on the morning of the last day of the GECP Congress. In the years when there is no Congress, it will be delivered at the Autumn Meeting.


Article 7 - Final Provisions and Tax Regime applicable (IRS exemption)

1. Difficult cases will be decided by the GECP.

2. The fellow is obliged to submit a detailed report to the GECP Board within 3 months after its completion. He should also, if and when requested, expose to the GECP, in a Meeting or National Congress, the results and the most significant aspects of your internship, course or project.

3. In the case of an investigation protocol, the final results must be submitted for publication to the Revista do GECP oran indexed journal, in the form of an original article, within a maximum period of 12 months after the conclusion of the project. There must always be a specific mention of the corresponding scholarship.

4. The name of the scholarship holders, as well as the type, place of internship, course or research project, will be disclosed on the official GECP website.

5. The specific conditions of the GECP Scholarship allow the applicability of the exemption provided for in paragraph 2 of article 12 of the CIRS, for the purposes of taxation at the IRS, therefore the present Prize is exempt from IRS.


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