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21 years of GECP history

21 years of GECP history

Looking back to 2021, the GECP marks the high point of this year as the organization of the 9th Portuguese Congress on Lung Cancer in face-to-face format, which does something that the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for us in…

National Non-Smoking Day

National Non-Smoking Day

Today is the National Non-Smoker Day, an event created with the aim of congratulating all Portuguese people who do not smoke and who thus contribute to their health.It is common knowledge that tobacco has numerous harms and a negative impact…

New image GECP, but the same mission as always!

New image GECP, but the same mission as always!

At the age of 21, the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP) decided to update its logo. For this, 4 options were created, which were put into televoting over the 3 days of the 9th GECP Congress, so that participants could…

World Food Day

World Food Day

Today, October 16, is World Food Day.In this context, the Lung Cancer Study Group invited Dr. Elsa Madureira, a nutritionist at the University Hospital Center of São João (Porto), to answer some questions related to nutrition and lung cancer.Is there…


Today marks the World Ex-Smoker Day

We celebrate this date remembering all that can be gained by giving up smoking.More energy, more money, more beauty, more family, more health. Above all, more life!Watch the testimonies of five ex-smokers on the link below, with messages of strength,…


ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for Lung Cancer

Recently, an update to the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for early or locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, focusing on local and systemic diagnosis, staging, and therapy, was published.On behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Committee, Prof. Dr. Jordi Remon (HM-Clara…


Graphic Video – World Lung Cancer Day

Do you know what treatments are currently available for lung cancer?In the aftermath of World Lung Cancer Day, we share a video entirely dedicated to the therapeutic options available for the most appropriate treatment for each patient.Watch the video and…


World Lung Cancer Day

Members of the Lung Cancer Study Group highlight the importance of early diagnosis of this pathology, as well as prevention through the elimination of the consumption of tobacco products.Dr. Teresa Almodovar (President of the GECP Board) was on the program…


The 1st of August is World Lung Cancer Day

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in PortugalThe most effective preventive measure is to eliminate tobacco consumptionData from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate about 5,415,000 new cases of lung cancer in 2020, representing the leading cause…


100 Key Questions on Lung Cancer (PT)

The 3rd edition of the book “100 Key Questions on Lung Cancer” is now available for consultation and download on the GECP website!Coordinated and prefaced by Dr. Teresa Almodovar, pulmonologist at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon (IPO Lisbon)…

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