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I have lung cancer. Should I be vaccinated against a COVID-19?

What is vaccination? Vaccination consists of stimulating the defenses of an individual’s body (immune system) through exposure to microorganisms, parts of microorganisms or their derivatives. This early exposure, before infection, allows the immune system to be stimulated and “taught” to…

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The IASLC 2020 World Conference on Lung Cancer begins today!

The IASLC 2020 World Conference on Lung Cancer takes place between 28 and 31 January. This is the largest world conference bringing together clinicians and researchers in the area of Lung Cancer and Thoracic Oncology. Participants will have access to…

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Don’t miss!

A new confinement begins tomorrow, in response to the worsening of the pandemic by COVID-19. But lung cancer is a serious disease that cannot wait. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can lead to decreased survival, which unfortunately has been seen…

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Laura Esteves testimony

A Laura Esteves conta-nos como os Xutos e pontapés a ajudaram a enfrentar os tratamentos de cancro do pulmão. Conheça esta história inspiradora, e os conselhos que a Laura partilha para quem está a começar uma batalha que ela tão…

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Francelina Carvalho testimony

“We will seek strength where we barely think, and we succeeded!” Watch the testimony of D. Francelina Carvalho, our second lung cancer patient, who agreed to show her face to show that courage and a positive attitude are fundamental in…

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