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100 Key Questions on Lung Cancer (PT)

The 3rd edition of the book “100 Key Questions on Lung Cancer” is now available for consultation and download on the GECP website!

Coordinated and prefaced by Dr. Teresa Almodovar, pulmonologist at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon (IPO Lisbon) and president of the GECP, this publication aims to “describe the state of the art and the advances that are expected soon, in the fundamental areas of diagnosis and lung cancer treatment”.

Divided into 10 chapters, the book relies on the knowledge and sharing of the daily experience of several national experts in the field of lung cancer, with the aim of alerting “to the diagnosis and early treatment of a disease that is still little recognized and with recent therapeutic advances”.

See the link below and find all the answers to the “100 key Questions in Lung Cancer”.




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