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Tobacco advertising: 480 thousand euros imposed in fines for infractions

The Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs (DGC) imposed fines worth 480 thousand euros following the inspection of advertising messages about tobacco and will reinforce these actions regarding the advertising of this heated product, it was announced this Thursday.

Heated tobacco has new rules, which came into force on the 16th of this month, and is now equivalent to traditional cigarettes, with the change being accompanied by increased supervision by that General Directorate.

“The General Directorate of Consumer Affairs, in the exercise of its powers as a public authority provided for in the Consumer Protection Law, will reinforce tobacco advertising inspection actions”, says the organization in a statement released today.

The same information reveals that in the recent past, the DGC inspected around 400 advertising messages, having imposed a total of 480,300 euros in fines, relating to the processes initiated following these inspections.

Among the main infractions detected are the promotion of electronic cigarettes and refills, as well as “advertising and promotion of tobacco and tobacco products, including hidden, dissimulated and subliminal advertising”.

In the specific case of heated tobacco, its equivalence to traditional cigarettes implies the inclusion of combined health warnings on the packaging (text and color photography) and the prohibition of heated tobacco with aromas, areas where the DGC’s action will be reinforced.


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