Lung Cancer Study Group


The Lung Mind Alliance project is born from the work of the alliance to lung cancer and aims to help improve the quality of life and health care of patients and caregivers. It is a mindfulness program for health professionals who work with patients or caregivers of patients with lung cancer.

The program will take place in an online format, through the Zoom platform, lasting 10 weeks, being taught by Dr. Carla Martins da Serintegral – Portuguese Center for Mindfulness. Participation is free, but subject to a previous selection of the subscribers. I submit to his candidacy for the Lung Mind Alliance program at www.projectolungmindalliance.pt until December 5th.

The alliance for the cancer of lung is an initiative inspired by the international project The Lung Ambition Alliance, which emerged from the union of efforts of various entities: the Portuguese League against Cancer, the Lung Cancer Study Group, the Portuguese Pulmonology Society , Pulmonale, the Order of Doctors, the Portuguese Society of Thoracic and Vascular Cardiac Surgery and the Astrazeneca.

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