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Updated position of the European Respiratory Society on new tobacco products

European Respiratory Society (ERS) has issued an updated position on new tobacco products, stating that it cannot recommend “harm reduction” as a population -based strategy to reduce smoking. The statement underlines that there is not enough evidence to support the allegation of the Tabaqueira industry that these products contribute to the “damage reduction” and that such allegations are simply exploited by the tobacco industry to obtain financial gains.

Since ERS’s previous statement on this topic was issued in 2019, the understanding of new tobacco products has increased and accumulated evidence indicates that these products have the potential to contribute to the development of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The updated statement continues to question the arguments for harm reduction, adding that evidence show a legitimate concern around the risks, in the health, to health, highlighting that many of the evidence around the damage reduced from the industry of the industry tobacco, which has a history of science manipulation to promote financial interests.

ERS maintains a firm position that all tobacco products are highly addictive and harmful, and to stop smoking completely remains the best option.

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