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GECP warns: 5,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed every year

On World Cancer Day, which is celebrated annually on February 4, the Lung Cancer Study Group (GECP) launches a campaign on social media inspired by the initiative of the International Union for Cancer Control (UICC), whose slogan is ” Close the care gap.” Under the motto “For Fairer Care”, the GECP campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and life-saving oncological treatments, with equal access for everyone. The campaign also aims to create an opportunity to fight for public policies that promote equity in access to healthcare, not referring to prevention, diagnosis and treatment for all.

In Portugal, cancer dissemination emerges as a significant health concern, being a significant cause of mortality with around 4,600 deaths per year, which demonstrates the need to implement prevention and early detection actions, especially with regard to screening. According to Dr. Ana Barroso, pulmonologist, coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Unit of Thoracic Tumors, at the Local Health Unit of Gaia/Espinho and member of the GECP board, “by implementing screening programs to detect early malignant neoplasms of transport we are investing there is no increase in the chances of successful treatment. Today we know that screening for cancer in high-risk locations reduces the number of deaths from this cause.”

Currently, more than 5,000 new cases of lung cancer are reported each year in Portugal, with 65% of cases detected in advanced stages.
Early detection of lung cancer is essential, as in the case of new symptoms (persistent cough, bleeding from the mouth, chest pain, difficulty breathing, hoarseness and change in voice, fatigue, loss of appetite, bone pain), or worsening of the bones pre-existing symptoms the recommendation is to seek advice from the attending physician. “We believe that one of the main pillars of the public’s fight against cancer begins with raising awareness, improving education, promoting anti-smoking measures and actively looking for early signs, putting the power of healthy living in everyone’s hands,” consult a specialist.

The relationship between smoking and the diagnosis of lung cancer is quite evident, as more than 80% of confirmed patients are active smokers or ex-smokers. In Portugal, 17% of the population aged 15 or over smokes. The risks inherent to smoking are significant, manifesting themselves in an average reduction of 10 years in life expectancy for individuals who smoke. “A change in attitude is fundamental and must lead to abandoning the habit of smoking. Furthermore, adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential to improving the health status of the population. Among the various behaviors we highlight the regular practice of physical exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep hygiene”, concludes Dr. Ana Barroso.

GECP warns: 5,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed every year
GECP warns: 5,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed every year
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