Lung Cancer Study Group


A clinical trial is a controlled trial, carried out with the maximum ethical, regulatory and medical guarantees, which allows to improve the knowledge in a given area. When new treatments emerge, we have to guarantee that they are more effective and safer than those already existing. This comparison is made through a clinical trial to ensure that it has scientific validity and meets ethical standards.      

When trials are created, the drugs under study have already been tested to ensure their safety in humans. Clinical trials are carefully designed by a vast team to be useful and safe. The physicians responsible for the trial in each Centre re-evaluate the trial, and if they consider it appropriate for their patients, submit it to the hospital's ethics committee and the Portuguese health regulatory authorities who have to give their approval before it can be started.    

According to the Declaration of Helsinki, the patient is always the highest priority for a doctor, above knowledge and his desire to investigate. The patient participating in a clinical trial will be treated under the best conditions and will always be protected so that the study does not harm him. The patient is free to abandon the study at any time without giving any explanation, and this decision will never jeopardize his future treatments. 

To participate in a clinical trial is, above all, an act of generosity, because most of the time the conclusions will benefit mainly future patients.

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