Lung Cancer Study Group

Review of Fall Meeting GECP

A month ago the fall meeting of the Lung Cancer Study Group was held, an event that brought together several dozen health professionals dedicated to the study and approach of lung cancer.

Dr. Teresa Almodovar, the outgoing president of the group, made a positive balance of the event, expressing his satisfaction with the massive participation and the high interest demonstrated by all members. “It was a highly participated meeting, where we approached the Hot Topics this past year,” says the pulmonologist.

Already Dr. Ana Figueiredo, shared her prospects for the future, ensuring that she will be continued the work developed so far. “I am sure that, in the transition from old to new direction, we will continue the same work, because it is through the discovery of new therapies for this pathology that this group strengthens its purpose of being multidisciplinary,” said the new president of GECP.

Watch the balance video starring the two experts.

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